We are an award winning mixing and mastering studio who specialise in jazz, progressive rock, and world music.

What we can do for your next album:

You’ve recorded an album which represents your art and musicianship. So the mixing and mastering  needs to project all the emotion, interaction, subtleties and excitement of your recording. Your music deserves a sound that invites the listener in and immerses them in your music.

“This is the place where some of the absolutely best sounding albums on MoonJune Records were master-baked. Thanks to the sound wizard at Heron Island Studio.” Leonardo Pavkovic CEO, (Downbeat awarded) MoonJune Records, New York City.

Heron Island Studio is an official Mastered for iTunes, Apple Digital Masters Provider.

We bring to your album 25 years of mixing and mastering experience, the finest audiophile sound, and state of the art hardware and software.

We understand jazz intimately, as well as the progressive end of rock and world music.  Whatever your style of music, we will use that knowledge to create the sound you want.  We’ll work with you at every stage to make sure we create just the sound you’re after.

“Mark Wingfield at Heron Island has mixed and mastered numerous releases for Greydisc.  His mixes are of the highest quality; always with clarity and balance.  His mastering is superb; I have never been disappointed.” Kevin Kastning CEO, Greydisc Records, USA.

When a fan listens to your music you want the sound quality to stand up against the very best on the international stage.  That’s what we do.  But being a jazz musician, you are also on a tight budget.  We understand that, which is why we keep our prices affordable and why we offer flexible mixing and mastering packages to fit your budget.

At what ever stage your album is at, we can help get it ready for release. If you have raw tracks from a studio session we can do what ever editing you need and then mix it into the superb sounding finished album you envisioned. If you have your mix but it needs that extra polish to make the sound stand up next to the competition, and you need it preparing for CD, Hi-Res audiophile, vinyl or streaming, we can master it for you.

“Heron Island Studio worked magic on my mixes. I’ll bring in an album which sounds dull and muddy and leave with one which has that ‘big studio’ sound, warm, detailed, and vibrant.  Very highly recommended.” René von Grünig the DEM label.
Get in touch if you would like to work with us.  We would be more than happy to talk to you about what we can do for the sound of your album.


Jazz albums we have mixed or mastered have received more than 300 rave reviews world-wide.

logo  We are proud to have mixed and mastered three Downbeat Magazine “Masterpiece Albums of the Year”.

jazzwise logo We are proud to have mastered two Jazzwise “Best Release” of the year.

Chet Baker remastered by Mark Wingfield
(Chet Baker Live From Paris) “Released 25 years ago on vinyl, the audio quality wasn’t ideal… The sound has been given an overhaul (by Mark Wingfield at Heron Island). The result is superb. In the new release, there is a huge difference in sound detail and clarity compared to the original vinyl release.”

Hi-Res-Edition-logo “The detail and clarity of the high-resolution mix is simply fantastic at all levels. This nuanced album continues to show the strength of hi-res releases.”  “From the moment the opening track kicks in there is a real sense of depth and striking dynamics.” “Evokes the vivid tapestries similarly weaved by many ECM artists.” “Providing depth to a mix that expands across the stereoscape… with a brilliant sezt that clearly defines each nuanced note.” “The openness and striking transparency give a very life like presence to this recording that has a wonderful balance.” “My favorite instrumental release in 2018, and I highly recommend it for your listening pleasure.”

londonjazznews-logo Heron Island engineer Mark Wingfield is interviewed by LondonJazzNews, read the interview here.

mediaversal reviews The USA’s, preeminent Hi-Res reviews site Mediaversal describes the sound of a recent album we mixed and mastered as: “…open and airy feeling… shines with remarkable depth and tonal quality. An aspect that is immediately apparent in the mix is how natural sounding every part is, with plenty of space surrounding each element. The drums are subtle and pure rising and falling as called for by the dynamics”.

the-vinyl-legacy-association We are thrilled that one of Europe’s most respected vinyl review sites describe our work on a recent album as “Mixing and mastering of the gods”.

Listen to an audio extract from this album.

mediaversal reviews The USA’s, preeminent Hi-Res reviews site Mediaversal reviewed The Stone House which we mixed and mastered. “The hi-res recording exudes a rich low end without digging into the mud, keeping the balance of the bass full without stepping on anyone else. While guitars fall deep into the soundstage, the bass solidly remains up front in the center… The transparent recording is astonishing and a pure delight to my ears…  which can be vividly heard across the high resolution 24bit / 88.2kHz version of this release.”

“The sound throughout is gorgeous.”
The Progressive Aspect (USA) on The Stone House album which we mixed and mastered for Moon June Records NYC.

Mark discusses his approach to mixing and mastering.

Located on a island surrounded by beautiful views, Heron Island Studio offers state of the art services but at competitive prices. Whether your tracks need mixing, remixing or mastering we are here to help. We can also help transform your artistic aspirations into musical reality with our production and post production services.

Why put in all that time and effort and not give your music the opportunity to reach its potential? We have the skills and experience as well as the technology to realise that potential.

At Heron Island we combine the power, detail and openness of digital with the warmth and punch and sweetness of analog. The result is the best of all worlds for your music.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can make your next record sound as great as it deserves to.