We specialise in mixing and mastering jazz and jazz related music (avant jazz, fusion, some world music and progressive rock).

Testimonials from some of our clients:

“This is the place where some of the absolutely best sounding albums on MoonJune Records were master-baked. Thanks to the sound wizard at Heron Island Studio.”
Leonardo Pavkovic CEO, (Downbeat award nominated) MoonJune Records, New York City.

“Mark Wingfield at Heron Island has mixed and mastered numerous releases for Greydisc.  His mixes are of the highest quality; always with clarity and balance.  His mastering is superb; I have never been disappointed.  I am currently working with Mark on a forthcoming Greydisc release, and will be working with him on more releases in 2016 and beyond.  For mixing or mastering or both, Mark and his studio Heron Island are highly recommended.”
Kevin Kastning CEO, Greydisc Records, USA.

“I depend on Heron Island to produce state of the art mixes and masters.”
Richard Newman CEO, Storm Records, UK.

“Heron Island Studio worked magic on my mixes. I’ll bring in an album which sounds dull and muddy and leave with one which has that ‘big studio’ sound, warm, detailed, and vibrant.  Very highly recommended.”
René von Grünig the DEM label, UK.

Record labels we mix and master for:

MoonJune Records (The prestigious NYC jazz and avant rock label nominated for Downbeat Hall of Fame.)

Circle Records Germany 

Chet Baker remastered by Mark Wingfield

Warner Bros. Records

Edition Records

Greydisc (New England USA based purveyor of fine acoustic improvised music, much praised in the press for the hi-fidelity audiophile quality of their records.

Dark Energy Music (London based jazz label releasing records with some the UK’s best jazz musicians such as Iain Ballamy, Robert Mitchell, Asaf Sirkis and Yaron Stavi.)

MR Records, Storm Records, Recycling Records, Ironymus Records and many others.

Band leaders or musicians on the albums we have mixed or mastered:

Chet Baker
Allan Holdsworth
Tony Levin
Chad Wackerman
Gary Husband
Asaf Sirkis
Nguyen Lee
Dwiki Dharmawan
John Marshall
Iain Ballamy
Gilad Atzmon
Jimmy Haslip
Carles Benavent
Bob Mintzer
Theo Travis
Kevin Kastning
John Etheridge
Ant Law
Lincoln Goines
Yaron Stavi
Hugh Hopper
Robert Mitchell
Nicolas Meier
Pax Nindi
And many others…

Although we specialise in mixing and mastering jazz, world music and avant-rock we have also provided audio services for organisations such as:

Arts Council London
European Commission
Fitzwilliam Museum
Cambridge University
ADeC Arts