We don’t record bands here, but we do record single instruments.  But if your album needs some over-dubs or fixes, our acoustically treated recording room is ideal for this.   So if you decide you would like to add some extra vocals, sax, guitar, keyboards or percussion and you want that professional touch to the sound, this is the perfect place.   We have renowned high quality mics and a great sounding room.

Brauner Velvet, renowned vocal and sax mic, also sounds great on acoustic bass
Shure KSM32, with a pristine sound and known for it’s detail and warm low end, this mic is great on many things including vocal, sax and acoustic guitar.


Shure KSM137
Shure KSM137. Extremely accurate and detailed top end, great for all stringed instruments, wind, reeds, voice and percussion.
Shure SM81 beautiful on overheads, flutes, stringed instruments
Shure SM81.  Beautiful on overheads, flutes, acoustic guitars and all stringed instruments
Rode NT5
Rode NT5. A great mic for snare and percussion. Captures all the details of the lightest brush stroke or full velocity snare strike with ease.

A tracking studio is only as good as its acoustic treatment

This is why every top studio is professionally acoustically treated and they all take acoustic treatment extremely seriously. Foam on the walls? Egg cartons? A couple of acoustic tiles from your local music shop? These things will not deal with the real acoustic issues every room has. The biggest problem is bass cancelation and multiplication – foam (and egg cartons or similar) have no effect on bass frequencies – this is not acoustic treatment.

Tracking room, acoustic treatment by RealTraps

Real acoustic treatment is specifically designed, by professionals, for an individual room. It consists of different types of acoustic panels for different parts of the room. Some designed for bass (in the corners particularly) some for mids and high frequencies, others specifically designed to compensate for glass. These need to be placed at very precise points in the room. It is this, which makes a great sounding tracking room. Without it, you’ll be battling the rooms frequency problems the whole way.

Our tracking room’s acoustic treatment was custom designed and supplied by RealTraps who also treat many top NYC studios including Nile Rodgers, Tony Maserati, Bob Clearmountain, Atlantic Records, Pixar, Lee Levin, Bob Katz, Dolby Labs etc.. etc…