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How streaming turns down loud tracks


Comparing the Acustica-Audio Ivory 4 Compressor with the SP Plugin Alliance Iron compressor.

Two superlative mix bus and mastering compressors.

Understanding EQ – it’s not as simple as you think.

An article looking at the many types of EQ available and why they sound so different from each other. Read the article.

Mark Wingfield Mixing Masterclass Lecture University of York

Advice articles on how to avoid common recording mistakes which can spoil the quality of your recording. They also cover ways and improve your sound in the studio. These were written for London Jazz News by Heron Island engineer Mark Wingfield.

Part 1 – the set-up

Part 2 – monitoring levels and listening

Part 3 – choosing microphones for jazz recording

Part 4 – microphones for jazz recording, contd.

Part 5 – leakage

Part 6 – preamps

Part 7 – other things to consider

INTERVIEW in Hi-Res Edition. Hi-Res Recording, Mixing and Mastering with Mark Wingfield

INTERVIEW in London Jazz News: Mark Wingfield (Specialist Mixing and Mastering Service for Jazz at Heron Island Studio)