We know what it’s like to be a struggling jazz musician, and we know how tight everyone’s budgets have become in recent years. Every project we take on is different, requires different mixing and mastering needs and has a different budget available.

So we keep our prices low and we work within the budget you have .  For this reason it’s impossible to list prices here as we need to discuss the details of your project.  So get in contact and we’ll work out a price that fits your budget .

How do we remain flexible on price? 
If you are a record label or you are an artist on a label that has a budget for mixing and mastering, we charge more (though you’ll find we’re very competitive with other studios).  If you’re album is self funded or your label has no budget (as is increasingly the case these days) for mixing and mastering, we charge less.  Charging more to clients with bigger budgets allows us to charge less to artists who need to put an album out with very little funding.  We feel this attitude helps everyone, and supports the jazz community as well as allowing us to work with some of the best new emerging artists.

How long does it take to mix an album?
The time it takes to mix an album is variable. Some albums are quick to mix, others take longer. As a rough guide it takes about a week to mix most albums. For example if there is a full string section or fifteen instruments playing it’s going to take longer to mix than mixing a quartet or trio. It also depends on the budget of the musician, band or label.  We discuss the project with you to establish what’s involved, and find out how complicated the mix is going to be.  From there we can work out a price and the time it will take.

How long does it take to master an album?
Mastering an album is usually done in a day, sometimes two.