Reviews from my clients on Soundbetter.com. In case you are wondering about the names, Soundbetter doesn’t use last names!

“I always return to Mark for my Mixing and Mastering needs, his skills and experience are second to none. A great pro to work with on your project. He always works hard at getting your music to sound exactly how you want it, and sounding the best it can be. Delivering a high quality end product every time.”

“Mark is a masterful engineer whose work is amazing. This was my third time working with Mark, who once again delivered a mix which improved my song dramatically. For this particular arrangement, I wrote several instrument parts (piano and various guitars) to be played in the same register. In his mix, Mark was able to get clear separation of each part and create a truly outstanding final mix. He and I communicated very well with each other, and without hesitation, I highly endorse Mark.”
Benjamin J

“Mark did an excellent job mastering my song. Communication was detailed & it took a few online conversations to discuss style choices, because he’s meticulous and we both wanted the best results possible. Many thanks!”
Sarah K

“Mark is a brilliant world-class engineer with obviously high standards who I simply trust with my art. Again, Mark perfects another single for me. The last of a six release cycle, but I’ll be pinging him again for more to follow. I’ve said it before: his attention to detail and to my specific requests is spot on. Regardless of the instrumentation on any given track Mark finds a way to create space, energy and detail where it is most needed.”
Wilson R

“Mark is amazing! Exceptional mastering engineer and sound person. I hope to work with him in the near future again.”
Peter E

“Mark is a great professional in a jazz mastering! He gently touched my track, made it sound much more clear, fresh and transparent.”
Дмитрий В. Dmitry

“Mark did a fantastic job mastering my acoustic jazz album. He was a pleasure to work with!”
Shawn G.

“Mark did awesome work with my tracks – as mixing engineer he gave me amazing visions of my music with results of the highest quality. As mastering engineer Mark improved all my tracks so much, now I’m feeling proud of each of them. For me it was a great pleasure to work with Mark, highly recommended!”
Nikita V.

“Great skills, experience and super easy to work with. A musician working with musicians, 100% recommended.”
Valerio F

“Very easy to work with, and the sound of his mastering was incredible. Would recommend to any jazz/fusion artists looking for good punch and clean sound.”
Matt G

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mark on my music!! He is attentive to your needs, your taste, your requirements, and really adapt the sound to them. Thank you very much for this great service!!”
Stéphane Q.